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Today, we would like to introduce you to a sustainable company that offers innovations in industrial biological air treatment.

Its various biological systems offer groundbreaking changes in the way solvents are processed. Say hello to Pure Infinity!

The Flexographic Industry

Due to the increasing demand for sustainable solutions, organizations within the flexographic industry continuously search for ways to process solvents. The emission of these solvents seem like an unavoidable consequence of the industrial processes we use in modern day life. However, it is very important to keep our air clean to maintain ourselves and our environment healthy. Therefore, the flexographic industry is always looking to innovate the recycling options for solvents in the air.

Pure Infinity Solutions

As a frontrunner within the flexographic industry, Pure Infinity offers multiple solutions in terms of recycling and solving emissions. Its technologies enable companies to recycle solvents in a sustainable manner in order to protect the environment. 

BONCUS Flexography

Take the BONCUS Flexography solution as an example. This groundbreaking technology is everything forward thinking organizations may wish for: sustainable, durable, cost efficient and aimed towards circularity. The BONCUS not only recycles your packaging but converts it into clean gas that can be used immediately. This is beneficial for your organization as well as our ecosystems. Who does not like to save money while saving the environment?

CO2 footprint reduction

The BONCUS Flexography is only one of many industrial biological air treatments solutions Pure Infinity has to offer. Despite the various functions each system has, the goal remains the same: spread sustainable solutions over the world to remove solvents from the air. This leads to a significant reduction in the CO2 footprint because solvents are recycled into new forms of energy. Consequently, no emissions are wasted and less new energy needs to be generated! 

Pure Infinity is a star player within the flexographic industry we all need to keep an eye on. Eco Today expects they will contribute to a more sustainable world by collaborating with new (international) partners in the near future. Check out the Pure Infinity website for more information about its solutions and collaborations.